Sunday, December 31, 2006

Welcome 2007

2006 was comfortable. Minor bumps in life, great experience gained and goals achieved. Hopefully 2007 will have a plethora of fun and even better surprises in store.

I pray for better faith, long life, health, happiness, domestic as well as global peace.

Happy new year & God bless us all.

The first week of the semester went by with much ambiguity. Many was caught off guard by either the torrent or the 3-hit combo holidays. With that said, I've been enjoying myself lately.. mainly because of the extra cool weather and plenty of sleep.

Although the cogs of this semester have yet to turn, great pressure is eminent and students have started worrying over harbinger-of-death subjects.. namely component design, materials engineering and finite elements method.

I always picture defeat instead of victory. And I slowly work my way from the end, rather than beginning from the starting grid. Thus, my cerebrum is full of negative thoughts at the moment.

Its a principle in design engineering : "always begin with failure"
(to determine design limits)

Its illogical to think that I literally took the whole phrase into my daily life. But it works. For me at least.

Ah, just what I need from mother nature : rainy days.

Friday, December 22, 2006

I hate it when pirated software vendors cheat. It happens sometimes.. But nevermind that.

Support piracy my fellow countrymen!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

During this particular 'wet' period of the year, some people loses their property and watch them go down the drain. I on the other hand, watches my own life go down the sink and into the drain eventually. Several more days to new year and I still have work to do (thanks to Final Fantasy XII). My days of relaxation, extended sleep and gastronomic indulgence are numbered. I don't like that.

Just looking at the evergrowing collection of engineering books, makes me feel even worse.

Not that I hate studying or engineering education though, I just wish my holidays are longer.. and more fulfilling.

Monday, December 18, 2006

My cat gave birth yesterday. 3 cute kittens in total. I'm happy!

My holidays are coming to an end. Yet, my hands are full. Not because of kitten-sitting though. I'm desperately finishing off my electronics project and SolidWorks self-study (self satisfactory reason). 2nd semester will kick off on 26th december. I've been thinking of treating myself with retail therapy lately.. gadget and tech stuff tops my list. Hmm, what'll it be.. I wonder.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Selamat pengantin baru kepada Kak Aminah dan suami beliau!
Moga berbahagia dan selamat hingga ke akhirat. Amin~

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Thought and perception is relative, relative and subjective at the same time. There's even a colloquial phrase "Its all in the head". One can only think so far and to a limited extent. It pisses me when someone becomes dogmatic.. that adds to my list of allergies (including hypocrites and snobs). Being dogmatic or egocentric or just plain crass at the right place and the right time can positively reward you.. BUT if played at the wrong time and place, you might even earn yourself a kick to the nuts.
Engineering education trains you to assume a lot of things.. assumption that is, i.e assume x is too small, thus x=0. On the daily basis, I make assumptions (every healthy sane person does).. things that aren't related to study. I always assume that other people respect me, as much as I respect them. The beauty of assumption is that it isn't necessarily true.
Hah! I hate it when some people say : "oh, you're the one who swears a lot when you're pissed in primary school", "oh my, I'm not mistaken.. you must be the one who..", "but oh you're so sweet when you're happy... that smile of yours..etc". (like fuck who doesn't).
You see, associating people with past memory is sodomy. Especially when that particular gay memory is when you're about 10-12 years old. It stinks when someone you don't know (and they forgot your name.. "eh ni firdaus ke?") potrays you as the antichrist. It doesn't get any profane than this, these retards are so damn convinced of the holy septic truth, even kicks to the groin, knee cap and hip just doesn't seem to do the work anymore.

I wish Malaysia doesn't have gun control.

As if you couldn't have guessed. I completed the 'oh-so-simple' LED project, with no C programming background and very little electronic basics. I got the hang of it now, although only a little.. Things that I've learned include PORT input/output basics, loops, subroutines, delays and a little on circuit design and theory.

I've not had enough though, its far from over.

My next 'project' revolves around more complex principles: PWM a.k.a pulse width modulation, power supply, capture/compare modules, timer modules, infrared emitting and receiving devices, motors and gear ratio. Save for the motor and gear ratio, I've no idea what the rest is all about. Its like playing RPG to me. Curiousity and oh, passion are all that I need.

With some divine help too, of course.

Some preview of the upcoming work :

With the obviously promising prospect of the industrial and manufacturing sector, why would one man who sits on top, revert our economy to agriculture?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I enjoy my holidays. Therefore I'm slow. I'm slow getting to bed, thus waking up late. Slow to get my meals, thus skipping breakfast. And I work slowly during holidays. Well, just managed to put together some components to work as a voltage regulator today. Pretty much basic, tweaked around by putting a switch, changing the LED colors and all. But decided not to go with those crap and made it simple. Well, that's it for today.. pretty dull and slow.

LED lights up as a signal that the regulator circuit is up and running.. duh?

Friday, December 01, 2006


Just got myself a usb programmer for 8/18/28/40 pins PIC. Hopefully this'll be a good start. The programmer or let's just call it UP00A cost me rm160 after much negotiation. Not that expensive, but it still hurts a beginner looking for a low-budget introductory project. Come to think of it, the guys at Cytron deserve credit for this baby.. I mean, its an innovation! One can only imagine the hard work and countless hours spent on developing the hardware and software. The UP00A does make life easier for noobs like me. Kudos to the Cytron guys.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

I forgot... today was a bit on the rainy side. Kinda cool and it makes you more prone to hibernation. The only glimpse of sunlight is around 6.50pm. Of course its sunset.

its the view from my toilet window.

I hate last minute change of plans. Have made up my mind finally to give it a go at robot building.
well, not exactly advanced robotics. But who cares anyway. It does cover some basic line-following concepts, mechanical tools and C programming.. and the usual mechanics of statics, dynamics and some fundamental machinery.
The list of things so far that I'll need (or supposed to) are :

1) pirated software (like you don't already know)
2) free tutorials/ebooks
3) usb programmer, PIC, actuators and stuff
4) tonnes of coffee to keep me up

it is a standalone project which means virtually I don't get any help from anyone. And the due date's on the 1st of november. I'll give it a try anyway.

Monday, November 27, 2006

At last, my hard earned holidays are here. Well, one has the feeling of a void or somekind when the exam season is over. I'm so used to hectic schedule.. and now its over, hell.. what do I do?
and yeah, I've been thinking of old times lately.. right from my primary school years..