Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Law of Attraction

The practitioners of the Law of Attraction perceive that thought precedes physical form and ultimately predetermines the outcomes of life itself.

It has been said (from the Law of Attraction) that positivity attracts positivity and negativity attracts negativity.

In the modern world understanding of the physics of matter, electrical charges exist positively or negatively. Two positively charged substances or two negatively charged substances experience a repulsive force. However, a positively charged and a negatively charged substance will experience an attractive force.

Interestingly, the neurons in the human brain uses electrical signals to transmit information.

The Law of Attraction denotes that involving in deep positive thoughts, will result in real-world translation of the positive thoughts itself.

Careful planning in certain aspects of life is crucial, needless to say for everyone. The process of planning usually involves various mental simulations of failures or "what-if" ideas or according to the Law of Attraction, negative thoughts. The planning phase devoid of "worst case scenarios" or even a plan B in case something doesn't turn out as planned, is unthinkable.

The questions are then:

Is it possible that the concept of the Law of Attraction subjugates the physical properties of matter itself?

Will the negative thoughts involved in the process of planning attract negativity, and affects the thinker?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Of Malay Businesses

It has come to my attention lately, that Malay businesses have been showing symptoms of a seemingly contagious plague.

This is not meant to degrade or disparage the efforts by the Malays, it is merely my observation on how business activities have been carried out in Malaysia, by the majority Malays.

Have you ever noticed that there is an awful lot of similarities between a large group of Malay businesses? For example, if one uses the name "D'anjung Cafe" then the whole lot of other cafe or restaurant operators will use the prefix D, as in "D'nenek Corner", "D'lima Restaurant", "D'engki Kopitiam" (pun intended), etc. Again, this is nothing detrimental or retrograding. But take another case, have you ever tried counting how many brands are there for Malay-produced coffee? You have Radix, Power Root, Kopi Janda, and a deluge of other brands, which by and large are the same product: Coffee.

I have started to wonder if there is any ingenuity at all in Malay businesses these days in Malaysia. Without doubt there is a large number of original products and services offered by the Bumiputra, but the sheer number of copycat entrepreneurs simply waned the pioneers of the business. One might argue that this is necessary for healthy competition and for the benefit of the customers specifically, but is it too much to ask for breakthrough and innovative businesses from the Malay people? Are we not ready? Or is it because of insufficient incentives and encouragement from the Government?

I will pen my thoughts some other time regarding this issue, and maybe even comment on the Multi-level Marketing (MLM) scene in Malaysia. In which I think, has been exploiting the Malays by promising riches beyond their initial investment, and forcing them to carry the burden of sales through the recruitment of new members.

* One of the antiquities of the world. This product could have possibly preceded the AK-47 assault rifle. =D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Haunting

This post is regarding a weird incident, which occurred nearly 2 weeks ago.

A close friend of mine, named M called me one late afternoon and asked for help.
This particular assistance request is that of a peculiar if not supernatural nature.

According to M, her cousin's family was 'attacked' by an invisible unknown force, in which the unseen marauder literally sets fire to beds, curtains, shoes, etc. The family's belongings such as car keys, laptop, etc also disappeared into thin air. Only to be found in weird places.

The disturbance then followed their family to Malacca, and even to the school of their children.


* A burnt bed sheet