Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pasir Gudang Part 1

My test this thursday was postponed to next tuesday. Giving me some free time to write about my trip to Pasir Gudang on the day before Chinese New Year. It was my first time going there via the Pasir Gudang Highway (state famous for its traffic jam). I got past the industrial area, with the roads having names like Jalan Keluli, Timah, etc. all with metal names to it. The road as all Johorians know, is ultra bumpy.. complete with huge potholes. Don't drive a car with lowered suspensions here, it can get you killed. I think this is because of the heavy loaded lorries and trucks that use this road now and then. Also, there is a railway crossing with a defunct boom gate. It was dangerous.

I kept on driving, following the directions to Tg Langsat. The road on the far end towards the port is long, straight and smooth. Not much traffic. In my case, there was no traffic at all. Those driving 800Hp Skylines now know where to put your GTR's potential to good use. ;p

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We then entered Kg. Langsat, which is a fishing village. But the beach there wasn't as clean as expected. We moved on later in the afternoon after lunch. This time, heading towards the port itself.

To be continued..

Monday, February 26, 2007


I got rid of the nasty blog title.
many thanks to Jiok for showing me the way. Thanks bro!

p/s: you can also see his work here.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007

Sip this...

and combo dip with these...


Just changed the template. Haven't installed photoshop yet. Bah! Who cares!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Road Trip

Went to Desaru yesterday with Mom. Although a bit late arriving, the sea was great. Not that great actually, its just me feeling nostalgic with beaches. It was a weekday, hence not much people around. save for a few couples doing you-know-what.. hahaha!
I went to Tg Balau's beach to be exact. there is this pier that stretches far out to the sea from the rocky beach. Though a few suspicious men were there, prevented me and Mom from getting near. But it was nice.

Getting there at noon on a work day meant that the majority of makan places are closed.. they do business at night, when its somewhat cooler I think. But the super-strong wind makes you forget that you're walking along the beach at noon. There are some fishing villages, a few chalets, a few resorts, a golf course, a go-kart track and a fishing museum. The chalet rate is quite attractive, around RM70 for weekdays and RM90 for weekends. I was told that it was fully booked for the upcoming chinese new year. The museum was closed on wednesdays, better luck next time.
The thing that you'll first notice about the beach is that its far-stretched. When I say far, I do mean its REALLY far. Its because of the low tide, kinda like the sea was sucked back and the beach expands. Note that the beach has some unique rock formations, mainly caused by millions of years being pounded by the waves.. and hey, they look like waves themselves.

The waves are not bad either. There's a no swimming notice board erected at the beach. Guess that tells a lot about the waves. Well, there are some surfers going out in the ocean to commit suicide when I was about to go home.. hahahaa. So, its quite safe actually. Provided you don't swim out too far, I guess.

All in all an interesting place, though I've been to better and more beautiful beaches. A word of advice though, you need to plan your journey using the shortest route available.. and hopefully not driving 260km to and fro like me. damn.

p/s: Shots were taken using Sony DSC-T33. They were underexposed, some overexposed, blurred and grainy due to high ISO settings and crappy white balance. My first time shooting outdoors in full blast afternoon sun. Need more practice.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Mid-sem break is here.. finally. Though nothing much happened lately.. I was held busy with stupid lab reports and notably the 3-tests-in-a-row catastrophe. To me, this is one hell of a semester, it drains me of my youth. With classes starting early at 8 (hahahaa) and ending late at 5pm. As a professional cram artist, I find it diffucult to cope with(padan muka). But, there are plenty of others like me.. and even as we wait for our experiment results, we study for the night's test. Study performance as I predict will be at a minor and hopefully not a major downfall this semester.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh Happy Day

Have started playing again. :-)