Thursday, October 14, 2010


Everything is clear now. The signs have been revealed.

Options. Decisions.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Story of Love and Honor


Irrational. Unconditional. Forgiveness. Above all else.

Pride. Ego. Respect. Supersedes everything.

It happened that they met by coincidence.
All seemed well until one day..
They realised that they were not meant to be together.

Because of honor.. love will vanish..

and because of love.. honor will let go..



Tuhanku. Aku berdosa. Aku lalai dan melupakanmu.
Tapi kini Engkau memperlihatkan kembali dosa-dosa yang telah aku lakukan dahulu.
Dosa-dosa yang sangat aku kesali..
Aku bertaubat kepadaMu.
Dan aku terima balasan dan kaffarah terhadap dosa-dosaku yang lalu.
Semoga Engkau mengampuniku wahai Tuhan sekalian Alam.
Dan aku percaya wahai Tuhanku. Bahawa Engkau tidak pernah menzalimi hamba-hamba Mu.
Sesungguhnya hanya kepada Engkau aku memohon keampunan, kekuatan dan limpah kurnia rezeki.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A lot has happened lately. I handled too many things. Too much shit on my plate and I've gotten in this deep. I know this is part of His mysterious plan. I can't complain. I accept my fate and from this point in my life onwards.. There's no turning back.

Its time to grab life by the balls.

Everyone had made mistakes in their lives before. I believe a lesson learned the hard way is a lesson learnt best. Once bitten twice shy.

This is my second chance at life. And I'm not going to screw up again insyaallah.
God, please give me strength and guidance. I can't do this alone. But its worth everything I have. I'm putting all my chips on the table this time. I've went this far..

This is something worth fighting for. Worth dying for..

..with that said, I push the restart button in my life.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fast Forward

Sejak kebelakangan ini banyak sangat yang terjadi.
Relationship sangat bermasalah sekarang.

Need someone to console me. Need solace..
But I couldn't find anyone who can provide me with comfort at the moment.

I feel hollow. There's a large void in my heart.